Yarns of Italy


Fiber Content: 100% Cotton
Weight/Yardage: 50g/145 yds
Yarn Weight: Sport
Care: Machine Wash Gentle Cold. We suggest laying flat to dry.
Made in: Italy
Patterns available: none yet

Notes from the Yarnie:
We had a vision for cotton yarn made of lots of different color threads, and we had our producers price production for us. When the bids came back, we choked. The bids were four times as high as top quality merino and heading toward cashmere prices… for cotton? Turns out that making yarn like this, with all different colored threads composing the strand is really, really expensive because the machines have to be cleaned after each individual strand color is spun, and then they have to be cleaned after each colorway is produced. Production takes ages and slows down the whole facility. Still choking on the price of producing this type of yarn, we were walking through one of Mafil’s many warehouses when I glimpsed up on the top, top shelves of a row… Tivoli. “What is that?” The owner told me it was something special, something that looked like a Missoni print when worked up, something he had labored over, something that was expensive to produce, and something he didn’t want to sell. “How much for all of it?” That was Alex. We knew we were looking at our vision realized and already in bags and ready to go. The producer wouldn’t sell us all of it, but he agreed to sell us some of it… for now.

Each thread is a different color, all spun together to create a yarn that is more beautiful worked up than it is in the ball. You get the variegated effect without color pooling. It’s like an explosion of Italian color sense. This yarn is rather splitty, but we think the effect of this yarn in the finished object is worth the hassle of working carefully.

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